Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28, 1955 (Monday)

Kept Margaret all day. She also had supper with John & I. He went bowling.

She sure is entertaining. Slept until 5 PM.

Marjorie phoned.

John bowled.


  1. Hi Dan, This would be me that she kept. She also kept me ever afternoon when I was in kindergarten. We had a great time watching "As the World Turns" and doing what people do when they are just relaxing, peeling apples, exploring the yard, swinging on the porch swing on the front porch and that type of activity. I returned last week from trip to South Bend with photos from my cousin of the Futters and Fiedlers. I wanted to staple down exactly where Lena's parents were buried as they were not listed on the internet. I was successful so this week they are posted on Find A Grave. Let me know if you are interested in digital copies of the photos I obtained.

  2. Awesome! Yes, thank you! I'll try to get more updated here as things go.